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Khalaf Abed Karim for Contracting

 Khalaf Abed Karim for Contracting

At the early sixties of the past Century, Khalaf Abed Karim for Contracting has been established as one of the companies of the private sector in Iraq. Its on-site experience in terms of various constructional works, i.e. buildings, structures of multiple types including comprehensive water projects, road works, pavements as well channels and sewage systems, extends over 50 years.

Based on the achievements of its owner over the years, and at the issuance of the law of companies in 1986, the company was ranked as a “Class A” company by the Ministry of Planning. In fact, it has effectively contributed to the provision of construction services to the country through executing different projects, particularly strategic roads projects, the latest of which was the construction of the second passageway (Nasseriah-Shatra) extending over 34 kilometers.

A valuable asset was added to the company’s potential and aspirations after engineer Ziad Khalaf Abed Karim joined it in the recent years. He directly supervised the execution of the company’s projects, especially project of road of Nasseriah-Shatra which was executed way ahead of the set time frame of the project. In addition, the company received several letters of gratitude and appreciation from multiple official parties, praising its competence as well as its high level of execution of projects. Praised work criteria implemented by the company include also the adoption of the technical and engineering specifications suitable for the volume of giant projects taken by the company. It is to be noted that the company owns two integral asphalt factories with a power of production of 120 and 160 tons/hour, one pebble breaker used according to the needs of each project, as well as all vehicles and equipment necessary for tile-laying works. The production of the aforementioned factories covers the needs of the provinces of Baghdad and Diala.

Recently, the company contributed to the creation of a third asphalt factory in Nasseriah province with a productive power of 160 tons/hour as well as all vehicles and equipment necessary for tile-laying works in the above-mentioned region.

Khalaf Abed Karim for Contracting is always ready to execute any project of any volume in any region inside Iraq, knowing that it includes competent personnel with high expertise in the field of constructions and roads. The primary objective of the company is to serve its beloved country, having the honor to execute many giant projects on the national level, forming one of the pillars of great Iraq

  • Company’s address:Baghdad/East Karrada, near National Theater
  • Tel: Landline: 7171977-7187632
  • GSM: 07810248459
  • P.O Box:  3219, Al Alwiyah.
  • P.O Box:  3219, Al Alwiyah.
  • E-mail: ;;


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