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zeenahsinjar company General Trading and Contracting Co

zeenahsinjar company General Trading and Contracting Co., a leading specialization through technical capabilities and cadres of engineering, scientific, and which are the product of multiple stages during which the experience gained from high since the date of its establishment in 9/12/2007 companies. 

Of contribution and distinctly in the implementation of many projects in the state during the construction stages and ages experienced by Iraq in the various sectors of the state and the company keep up with modern methods in business administration and management of engineering projects and rely on the capacities of human resources for the companys development. The companys principles and objectives are based on the successful evaluation of these activities and objectives: 

     The company guarantees the contracting out of work and the quality of the projects implemented under the engineering and technical specifications applicable. 

     The use of sound and modern methods in the implementation of projects and maintain the integrity of the staff within the site, as well as to educate the engineering cadres and cadres safety guidelines through periodic safety lectures and instructions within the site. 
     Developing the capabilities and competencies of the engineering staff and by participating in courses and seminars, as well as participation in local and international exhibitions and conferences. 
     The company is seeking to exert maximum engineering efforts in order to reach the standard of quality in the implementation of its business through the use of high quality basic materials and high application engineering specifications and rely on the recommendations of the supervising engineer and applied, and the company hopes that these actions are contributing to the progress of the wheel of reconstruction and construction in Iraq Aziz. 
     Technological development has a significant impact to the process of implementation of the projects where the project earns the accuracy and speed of implementation. Accessories Sinjar company of escort companies to these developments, which significantly contribute to the performance of the companys work for the better, according to modern international standards and modern methods in building and construction, construction and reconstruction methods.
Managing Director of the company / 07507872845 to 07701622093 Mobile 

Solicitor General of the company / 07504211604 to 07704104110 Mobile 


E-mail: Managing Director Marwan_comp@yahoo.com 

E-mail: Director General of the agency / ahmed_solicitor@yahoo.com 


Mail / Box 11148 - Mosul University Post Office 

POBox: 11148 - post office / university of mosul


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